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Salvador Plascencia’s novel can seem to have many different focalizing points. For example, when Plascencia gives each character power as a narrator in the parts of the books that have columns and lines, these characters are internal focalizers. Although, Plascencia perplexes his audience when we read Santos’ story, where he is presented in a third person point of view since the pronoun used for him appears not as “I,” or “me,” but instead we approach this character with “his” and “he.” This is confounding because Plascencia regulates the focalizers with his form of writing which can be seen in columns or left to right, whole-paged lines. Also, the audience becomes accustomed to Saturn being able to relate to the characters as an external focalizer since he can hear and see everything about the characters, and now we have an unidentifiable narrator capturing Santos’ story. (Plascencia 75)

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