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When we first began the discussion in class of Sesshu Foster’s novel Atomix Aztex, we heavily analyzed Foster’s Note in the beginning of the novel where he wants his audience to know that his book is a work of fiction, he also states that he relies heavily on “[…] a number of dialects, including extreme form[s] of the South-Western pocho dialect[…]” (Foster, Note) Pocho, “is a term used by native-born Mexicans to describe Chicanos who are perceived to have forgotten or rejected their Mexican heritage to some degree. Typically, pochos speak English and lack fluency in Spanish. Among some pochos, the term has been embraced to express pride in having both a Mexican and an American heritage[1] asserting their place in the diverse American culture.” (Pocho, Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia) After some research on Youtube, I was able to find a video that I believe exemplifies the chicano lifestyle, the pocho dialect, and also connects Foster’s novel to Salvador Plascencia’s People of Paper novel where the audience is introduced to the EMF gang, who are like these individuals in the video. The video is called, “Definition of an Ese,” right from the beginning, the listener sees that this song will be mainly rapped/sung in English and since the song is defining an “Ese,” which is a term usually used by Mexicans that refers to their homeboy, most of the essential qualities that are defined within the lyrics are helpful to understand some of the novels we have read in class. Enjoy! Or not.


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