Cover Letter

Andrea Gramajo

Prof. Steven Alvarez

English 363: Experimental Hispanic Literatures

14 December, 2011


Cover Page: Response to Course and Suggestions

This experimental course has been one of the most interesting and unusual classes I have taken since I started my college career. First off, upon receiving the syllabus I was intimidated at seeing the requirements for the class. The several blogs/responses, the reading, and the final paper, all I could think of was, “I have to do A LOT of writing to do.” Now, being an English major dictates that papers are a must. The problem: I wasn’t the best at being able to write an essay. Anyway, I decided that I had to do this and upon reading the first story I was glad I hadn’t dropped the class. Reading Samperio’s “She Lived in a Story” and then discovering there were ways of closely reading texts was enlightening since I was used to reading things and just giving interpretations, instead of analyzing structure and narrative.

The class was unusual because of some of the books we read, starting with the introduction of magical realism in Samperio’s story caught my attention and then going into Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s short stories and their bizarreness was a welcomed change from the tedious and common books read in other classes. Furthermore, I really liked the idea of the blog posts due every certain amount of time, because now that I’ve started my article, the posts have really helped to organize and refresh my thoughts on the novels I am writing about. Also, learning the MLA format and the PIE paragraphs has helped me write better than I did a semester ago, since these techniques help to produce an organized way of writing, which is what I had difficulties with; given that at times my thoughts are jumbled about. OH, your immediate feedback and grade qualifications were great because it established what you thought about what we wrote and how it could become better, and that is always important since we need either instant gratification or instruction to improve our work.

All in all, I really appreciated this course and I feel that the things I have learned will not be forgotten after finals are over… which is what usually happens. The only suggestion I’d like to give is to eradicate the Cobra book from your future courses, and I say eradicate because it was such a confusing book to read in that short amount of time. I think a whole semester should be devoted to that book, just because all the intricacies required in the understanding of one paragraph (I did a lot of rereading for that book). Other than that, I enjoyed this class and hope to take more courses with you as a professor.

Enjoy your Holidays!

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